Zanba Ryūjin is the ace of the Ryōin Academy Rugby Club. Unusually large for a scrum-half, and built like a no.8, he plays offensively and functions as a 9th forward. He is also the tallest player on the team, possibly in the league.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Halfback/No.8 run and one-man maul offloads[edit | edit source]

Since most halfbacks are small, when they receive the pass from the locks in a lineout, they usually make a pass wide, but Zanba tends to take on the run like a flanker. Also, he hold his ground and ball for as long as possible to gain more territory for the team, however, he could be caught for knock on or "Not releasing the ball" for holding onto the ball for too long.

This also relates to scrums, since the forward pack is so strong and skillful, they can win from the opponent's feed, letting Zanba to take on the run by himself again.

When he was subbed in as a number 8, his size and strength simply decimated Jinkou's team.

Size and strength[edit | edit source]

He uses his size and strengths like a forward, rather than moving the ball sideways by passing, or juke past defenders with lateral movements, he bulldozes opponents with ease.

He is strong enough to take Takuya Sekizan out of his way with just one hand. In episode 25, he helped the team erase a 12-0 deficit to win by 30 points, and single-handedly crushing Jinko's spirits .

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Likes: Desserts, particularly strawberry shaved ice, so much so that he is often late for the game and usually gets stomachaches when he ate too much. But he makes up for it by walking or jogging to the ground, so he stays warmed up. He is a total ladies man!!
  • Scrum-half, or half back, is the playcaller, organizer, and the other playmaker in the field after the fly-half, they are the ball-feeder in a scrum, but also to have the ball returned to him after hooker's feed. They are the first receiver in a lineout after a lock has tapped the ball or secured the ball in a short lineout. Halfbacks also needs to get the ball at the breakdown, and most of the time, recycle and pass to the backs.
  • In the English dub of the anime, Kamo Raita's voice actor accidentally says Zanba is 202cm (6'7"), causing a lot of confusion in the fandom. However the original Japanese version and the manga say he is 192cm
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