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Taira Tadakazu ( 平唯一 ) is the vice captain of the Keijou High School Rugby Club. Impressed by Sekizan Takuya's determination when they played a practice match as first years, he's been fascinated with him ever since.


Taira is a big, muscled guy with black hair pushed backwards and black eyes. He has strong facial features, but is almost always seen laughing at any occasion.

His school uniform consist of white shirts, black gakuran, and black trousers. When on match, he wears Keijo's white jersey with black vertical stripe on the left side, white shorts, and spikes.


Like fellow hooker, Hachiōji, he is very affectionate and outgoing, but brimming with passion and positive energy, to the point that everyone from JinKou finds him annoying. Despite having a goofy personality, he takes rugby seriously and never underestimates his opponents. He seems to really appreciate people who have high spirits on the field.


Episode 3[]

Taira greeted JinKou rugby club member, specifically Sekizan, at Keijo's front gate. He enthusiastically jumped to hug the other school's captain, but Sekizan did a side-step so he hugged Hachiouji instead.

Episode 12[]

Taira, for that matter, the team is revealed to have gotten their personality in part by Hajima Yuji, the coach, though they were mostly mocking him. He responded positively to the joint practice with JinKou while being next to Sekizan, to his disgust. He also responded very enthusiastically when Gion declared himself to be a flanker after he was approved by Kirishima Kokuto, but Taira finally got punched by an irate Sekizan


Hisagawa Kumio[]

Sekizan Takuya[]

Taira is very affectionate towards Sekizan, but Sekizan finds it extremely annoying. The two met during their first year during a practice match. Taira was moved by Sekizan when he was still practicing even though the match had finished. The upperclassmen from JinKou didn't care whether they lost.

Taira likes the look in Sekizan's eyes and sees him as a worthy rival.

Gion Kenji[]

Taira has also taken in interest in Gion. As he can see that there is potential in him.



Taira is well built with a powerful shoulder barge, but the only person to take him down one-on-one is Sekizan.

Deceptive pace[]

Taira is very fast for a hooker, as such, he is often lined up in a set play where usually a flanker or wing would be.