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Suwa Yūsaku ( 諏訪勇作 ) is a second-year winger in the Kanagawa High School Rugby Club. He started playing rugby in high school.


Suwa has fair skin and short brown hair with straight, parted bangs. He is relatively thin because he has a hard time gaining weight, whether it be muscle or fat, though he is definitely not the thinnest member of the club. He wears glasses most of the time and contact lenses whilst exercising.


Suwa is a hard-working, serious person. He is openly critical to his teammates during matches, but he is most critical to those who don’t value any teamwork at all. His judgmental nature has created an unhealthy level of perfectionism in himself.

He struggles with an inferiority complex, and he appears to be suffering from some level of muscle dysmorphia.



Ebumi Masaru[]

Does not really like Ebumi because he never puts full effort into training, yet he got by with sheer athletic ability, until the end of episode 22, where he spots him at least half a lap of courtyard in front having his own run. 

Ōharano Etsugo[]

He is never a fan of his, because he is ungrateful for the game time he has. Suwa fought his way in rugby but got him nowhere. Oharano finally empathizes with him because his brother is exactly the same.


  • His jersey number 14 specifically refers to Right Wing position.
  • Looks quiet but gets easily infuriated.
  • Complains about Ebumi a lot.
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    From chapter 8 of the manga.