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Shinshi Yutaka (眞子 豊) is a third-year prop in the Jinkou rugby club. He alternates being a starter with Oohie Taichi every game: if Shinshi starts in one game, Oohie will start in the next. The two of them also often switch out halfway through games.


Shinshi has medium-length, wavy light brown hair and brown eyes. He is fat, muscular, and average height.

During games, he wears the Jinkou uniform with a number 1 on the back of the jersey to denote his position. His practice clothes are a white polo and black shorts. He usually wears a shirt under his regular school uniform, and unbuttons the uniform top to wear as casual clothes after school.


Shinshi has a happy-go-lucky personality. He is non-confrontational and often self-indulgent, and he is said to hold a philosophy of "just run until your problems disappear." He loves a good laugh and often takes part in Kamo's shenanigans, as well as doing a little trolling of his own. Specifically, he likes to pester Sekizan in class. Speaking of class, Shinshi does really well in school, even if it isn't obvious from his light-hearted demeanor. He is also gullible.

He is extroverted, but he enjoys going to sports games by himself[1]. He seems to love sports in general, and his other hobbies include working out and eating.

Shinshi gives himself pep talks in front of the mirror to boost his confidence, especially before his games.




Takano Kikuo[]

Takano claims that Shinshi is exactly his type and ends up asking him out after the game. Shinshi's answer is unknown.

He left a strong impression on Shinshi during the game, as it is rare to see a winger (especially one as petite as Takano) start a ruck with a prop. However, Takano was not operating at his fullest potential, as he instantly became flustered being in such close quarters with his crush.




  • The type of guy who thinks "Just run until your problems disappear!!"
  • Loves eating and exercising
  • Sits behind Sekizan and is always bugging him
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