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"You were the worst team I could've asked for. I mean that. From the bottom of my heart. I never did look good in white..."

Oku Yuuri (奥 祐李) is a first-year flanker in the Kamakura Academy Rugby Club. He started playing rugby in middle school, when he was invited to the club by Miyuki Atsushi. He was also Miyuki's vice-captain in their third year.


Oku has bushy eyebrows and messy, somewhat curly black hair. His pupils are small, and he often has a glint in his eyes. His eye color is unknown, but it is shaded as a medium-to-dark tone. Oku’s canine teeth are particularly sharp. Also, his nose shape is straight.

Oku is tall and muscular, but he is shorter than Iwashimizu and leaner than Miyuki (both of which appear to be a source of insecurity for him[1]).

Off the field, he can be seen wearing earrings (specifically, he wear studs in his earlobes)[2], though it is important to note that he did not have his ears pierced in middle school. He likes to wear clothes that he can move around in, like sweats and athletic sneakers. Unlike many of the other characters, he does not wear his school uniform casually.




Saigoku Yukio[]

Oku is intimidated by Saigoku.

Takano Kikuo[]

Oku and Takano are in the same pod within Kamakura's pod play.

Kiso Youhei[]

Oku and Kiso are in the same pod.


Iwashimizu Sumiaki[]

Hachiouji Mutsumi[]

Oku went to the same middle school as Hachiouji.


Miyuki Atsushi[]




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