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Miyuki Atsushi ( 御幸篤 ) is a first-year stand-off in the Keijou High School Rugby Club. He attended Agatsuma Middle School with Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Oku Yuuri, and Hachiouji Mutsumi, where he was captain during his third year. He has been playing rugby his entire life, as his dad is a huge rugby fan.


Miyuki is average height with a muscular build. He has short black hair, straight eyebrows, and trapezoid-shaped eyes that are somewhat far apart. His eye color changes depending on the adaptation: in the manga, his irises are as black as his pupils, but in the anime, his irises are blue. Also, he always has a band-aid somewhere on his face.

His school uniform consists of a white button-down shirt, a blue suit jacket and slacks, and a blue striped tie. When in a match, he wears the Keijou jersey—white with a black vertical stripe running down the left side—with a black number ten on the back to denote his position, as well as white shorts and spikes.


Miyuki is cheerful, friendly, and optimistic. He is a social butterfly who can get along with just about anyone, but he claims to be particularly fond of hotheads[1]. He calls most of his friends by their given names, even if he hasn’t known them for very long—like when he started calling Gion by "Kenji" as soon as they became friends—or if the friend in question doesn't consider him to be a friend of theirs, as is the case with Ooharano.

He is very considerate and protective toward those he perceives as friends. However, he is not very good at reading emotions.

Miyuki views rugby as his lifeblood. It is not uncommon for him to get overzealous during matches and act bossy or strict with his teammates, but he never holds grudges once the game is over. He becomes emotional if he has to stop playing while he’s in the zone.

While Miyuki is incredibly susceptible to small negative emotions like frustration, he has a tendency to block out more extreme feelings of sadness and anger. Instead of working through his own feelings, he focuses on helping his friends work through theirs.



He was raised by a single father with a passion for rugby. Miyuki started playing when he was 5 years old, and he has loved the sport for as long as he can remember.

In his first year of junior high, Miyuki invited fellow first-years tall Iwashimizu and tough Oku to join the rugby club with him, so excited to do so that he didn't even tell Oku his name at first. It was here that Miyuki also met third-year Hachiouji. While Oku took to rugby quite easily, Miyuki had to personally tutor Iwashi. Miyuki became close friends with both boys, but he was closer to Oku than Iwashi.

Miyuki had his heart set on going to Keijou. He thought that he wouldn't be able to get in on his grades, so he needed to win their rugby scholarship, which follows a specific set of rules: two third-year members of the rugby team that won the middle school prefectural tournament would be accepted into Keijou without needing to pass the entrance exam. Some time before their third year, he and Oku decided that they would go together. He started inviting Oku and Iwashi to watch Keijou games with him.

Miyuki was made captain in his third year, with Oku as his vice-captain. The season went amazingly for them. That is, until Miyuki was injured in a scrimmage just before the finals. He had attempted to tackle Iwashimizu, who fended him off so powerfully that he dislocated his shoulder. Miyuki never blamed Iwashi for the accident. With him on the bench, their team lost the finals. However, Keijou made an exception to their scholarship rule just for Miyuki. He got into Keijou, but Oku didn't.


Iwashimizu Sumiaki[]

Iwashimizu and Miyuki are very protective of each other. They seem to have good synchronization and bring the best out of each other. However they are also very competitive with each other, but in a good way. Initially, Iwashimizu blames himself for Miyuki's injury and quits rugby. However, when they become teammates in the practice game again, they are so in-sync with each other that they have the most synergy.

Gion Kenji[]

When they first met, Miyuki did not like Gion very much and considered him as Iwashimizu's potential bully. But after their practice match, he got interested in him because of his spirit and passion for rugby. It is revealed in the manga that the two have exchanged emails with each other. Miyuki often contacts Gion when he sees there is a game on TV.



While he is a fast fly-half, his agility and spin moves are the best in high school in the position.

Game Sense, Field Vision and Leadership Skills[]

He can survey the field and monitor others extremely well, and has above-average memory, a rarity amongst 1st year high schoolers, but is a prerequisite as a field general of the team along with scrum-half (half-backs).


  • His position, Stand-off in Rugby Union is the same as Fly-half.
  • Stand-off half is a term in Rugby League and the same as Five-Eighth, Player who hold this position wear number 6 jersey. A team in rugby league consist of only 13 players.
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