Miyuki Atsushi ( 御幸篤 ) is a member of Keijou High School Rugby Club. He went to Azuma middle school with Iwashimizu Sumiaki and Hachiōji Mutsumi and played rugby together.

Appearance Edit

Miyuki is a rather short young man, only a few inchs taller than Gion, but has a fairly good build. He has short black hair and blue eyes. He's almost always seen with some type of band-aid on his face.

His school uniform consist of a white shirt, a black gakuran, and black trousers. When in a match, he wears Keijo's white jersey with a black vertical stripe on the left side, white shorts, and spikes.

Personality Edit

Miyuki has a cheerful personality and is really friendly outside the field. He likes high-spirited people and usually calls them on a first name basis. He does not hold grudges on others and values his friends greatly, to the point that he defended Iwashimizu from Gion when he thought the latter was bullying him. Even if he is friendly outside the field, he also has a very competitive side on the field. He takes all his opponents seriously and hates to lose. He seems really happy to play with equally enthusiastic players, but gets incensed when their wingers don't track back and run to chase the ball.

Plot Edit

Miyuki was the captain of his junior high school rugby team. In his third year, he dislocated his shoulder in a practice game when trying to stop his team mate, Iwashimizu, from scoring a try. As a result of the captain's injury, the team lost their next game and didn't qualify for the national tournament.

Relationships Edit

Iwashimizu Sumiaki Edit

Iwashimizu and Miyuki are very protective of each other. They seem to have good synchronization and bring the best out of each other. However they are also very competitive with each other, but in a good way. Initially, Iwashimizu blames himself for Miyuki's injury and quits rugby. However, when they become teammates in the practice game again, they are so in-sync with each other that they have the most synergy.

Gion Kenji Edit

When they first met, Miyuki did not like Gion very much and considered him as Iwashimizu's potential bully. But after their practice match, he got interested in him because of his spirit and passion for rugby. It is revealed in the manga that the two have exchanged emails with each other. Miyuki often contacts Gion when he sees there is a game on tv.

Skills Edit

Agility Edit

While he is a fast fly-half, his agility and spin moves are the best in high school in the position.

Game Sense, Field Vision and Leadership Skills Edit

He can survey the field and monitor others extremely well, and has above-average memory, a rarity amongst 1st year high schoolers, but is a prerequisite as a field general of the team along with scrum-half (half-backs).

Trivia Edit

  • His position, Stand-off in Rugby Union is the same as Fly-half.
  • Stand-off half is a term in Rugby League and the same as Five-Eighth, Player who hold this position wear number 6 jersey. A team in rugby league consist of only 13 players.
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