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Matsuo Toshinosuke ( 松尾年乃助 ) is a third year at Kanagawa High School and a member of rugby club. He is the big brother kind of type that even Sekizan confides in.


Matsuo has brown hair. When he smiles his eyes are usually closed. There is a slant diagonal line on each of his eyelid.


Matsuo is like the big brother of team. He is the type of character that cheers on his teammates. This can be seen when Oharano got mad during the practice match against Sagami. Matsuo slapped the underclassmen on the shoulder to tell the younger he did a good job or as an act to relieve some of Oharano's anger.



Ebumi Masaru[]

Ebumi and Matsuo have a mutual feeling of respect and trust in one another. This can be seen during their first training camp that they held on the school. Ebumi would practice by himself at night while the others were sleeping. Ebumi allowed Matsuo to join him. In the 2nd joint match against Keijou, Matsuo kicked the ball as hard as he could towards the touchline. Ebumi was able to score by quickly running after the ball. Matsuo put his trust in Ebumi even though he had to go against Keijou's fastest player.

Sekizan Takuya[]


Tactical kicking/Kick-and-Chase Kicker[]

Given his relationship with Ebumi, he can set Ebumi up to kick-and-chase by 'passing' forward by way of punting. He can even fake a drop goal attempt to pin the ball inside the end zone to set up a try vs. dead-in-goal scramble.


  • His position, Stand-off in Rugby Union is the same as Fly-half.
  • Stand-off half is a term in Rugby League and the same as Five-Eighth. Player who hold this position wear number 6 jersey. A team in rugby league consist of only 13 players.
  • Tactical kicking is an ability in EA Sport Rugby 08 where a player can find touchlines easily or punt better into space.
  • When the ball is inside the endzone, if the defensive player touched the ball down, the ball will restart with a punt in the 22m line. That punt must not go out of bounds in any way, or it will result in a penalty punt and lineout feed to the opposition. If the punt passes the endzone and the ball becomes dead-in-goal, the defending team may either opt for a 22m dropout and let the opponent attempt to score again from further out, or get a scrum feed from where the ball was kicked.[1]
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    From chapter 7 of the manga.