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Komori Shingo is the coach of the Kanagawa High School Rugby Club. He was a former player for Nippon Daihyo (Japanese National Team).



His personality is rather cool and not as energetic like Gion. He has the mindset of a Rugby coaches and he is usually strict and not forgiving with his training routines.Yet, he does care a lot about them.


He was in his retirement until Gion looked him up online for the training camp during Golden Week. When he first took over, he criticized Sekizan's no-breaks method of 'coaching' to the point of wearing out his team.

In episode 8, Komori lectured Yoshida for failing his duties as an advisor.


Komori Yumi[]

Wife of Komori Shingo. Her appearance is first seen in chapter 38. It is shown that the two cannot have kids (in the 14th episode of the anime, it was revealed that Yumi is infertile). Which is why when JinKou came over she was delighted to see everyone. She even stated that they were all good boys while she petted Hirota Eiichi.

Sagami's coach[]

He used to work in the same company as Tōdō Dai Sagami High School Rugby Club's coach. Sagami's coach holds him in high respect.


As a former national fullback, he is confident under high balls and his punts are more about hang time than power. He used the same drill as Kifune of kicking the ball high towards the lights or the sun and try to catch by instinct as he cannot completely rely on his sight. He was also a great tackler and a powerful passer. However, his playing career ended because of hip problems, having suggested he had his right hip replaced.


  • According to Section 12 of International Laws of Rugby, a headbutt is as legal as a kick, so can be used to 'pass' forward. A rule Komori took advantage of for Gion to utilize against the forwards.
  • In chapter 38 of the manga is the reveal of Komori's wife. All the member of JinKou come over for lunch.
  • He has a strict and relentless personality just as his appearance shows, but apparently he's really cute when he smiles, and is extremely nostalgic, especially given Jinko has no weight rooms.
  • Gion found him in a blog that he writes, which started his coaching career. Kumori started writing blogs after he retired from playing because he really felt he has no other purpose in life.
  • He's 60 years old.