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Kirishima is the number one high school flanker in Japan. He is the older twin brother of Kirishima Kokuto. He began playing rugby in high school because of his favorite anime character (Ririn) who likes strong people. He is the best flanker in the Kanagawa region, with his brother being second.


Sekito has a rather obsessive personality. When he is interested in something, he will master it out of sheer passion. As such, he knows everything there is to know about his favorite animedia franchise, Miracle Ririn-chan. His rise through the ranks of high school level flankers can also be attributed to this obsessive passion.


Speed, Agility, Balance and Low Tackling[]

While Kirishima is a powerful decoy that likes to perform power moves due to his size, Kirishima often trails behind and tackles low and very swiftly. His low centre of gravity (low form) means that he can slip right under taller tacklers, often right through their legs. Offensive skills that Gion has yet to realize and harness himself. It is also revealed that he learnt these skills from playing tag on climbing bars and in the playground.


Likes: Manga, especially Miracle Ririn, a show Gion and his brother also likes. Sekito is so obsessed with the show, even when Gion said that he 'looks up to him', he immediately has flashback of the exact scene where that exact lines were delivered in the show.

Kirishima Sekito