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Kifune Isao is a 2nd year at JinKou High.



Kifune is shy and timid, who doesn't know much about rugby, but as a former soccer player, particularly as a goalkeeper, he has great defence and positional sense. He also has an accurate angular punt, albeit short.



Iwashimizu Sumiaki

Their relationship isn't really that clear and vivid in the anime, however in the manga, when you read his character profile, it is stated that he has a one-sided kinship with Iwashimizu, as both of them are quite shy, thus he can kind of relate to Iwashi in a way that bonds them together.


Defensive positioning[]

  • "He's good at positioning himself. He knows where the ball is going to fall. And thinks before he runs , so he doesn't waste energy."- Kibi Shōta

In episode 21, the reason he learnt it is from playing in goal, while he knows where the ball would land, his body was unable to catch up.

Tactical punting[]

Although his kicks' distance and strength suck, but he aims the ball at where you can't get it without ball bouncing at least once. -Wada Toshirō 


  • Timid but a hard worker
  • Feels a one-sided kinship with Iwashimizu
  • Used to be in the soccer club
  • When a ball bounced before going out of bounds, the opponent's lineout can be from the point where the ball goes out of bounds. If it didn't, it will be from the point where the ball was kicked, unless if it is inside the 22. The fact that Kifune can make the ball bounce out despite being inside the 22 show great kicking accuracy.
  • Fullbacks are known as the goalkeeper of the team, they are the last line of defence. They are often needed to field and return kicks, and punt the ball away to gain field position like a fly half.
  • He has a ritual where he lifts up a practice ball or a kicking ball before placing a spot kick.
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    From chapter 12 in the manga.