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Keta Yūto (気田 悠人) is a first year at Kanagawa High School.


Keta is rather plain, perhaps a reason he is often overlooked.


Keta is a hard worker, but is often ignored by the team.



Sekizan Takuya[]

In episode 14, Keta quit the team on X-Day (the last day before summer break where members can voluntarily quit the team). Keta was urged by his parents to quit the team because he has lost his appetite and energy to keep up with the rigours of training. Though Keta looks up to him, Sekizan felt really bad that nobody really reached out and talked to him, as they embraced and cried after Sekizan offered him to watch them play in the Nationals.



  • He never worked out much before joining, but he came to the club lured by the friendly atmosphere.
  • He spaces out sometimes, but he's a hard worker.
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    From Chapter 14 of the manga.