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Kamo Raita (賀茂 雷太, Kamō Raita) is a 3rd year player in the Kanagawa High School Rugby Club. He enjoys playing pranks and often appears cheery and light-hearted. He has been playing rugby since middle school, when he joined a team with Kashima Kōichirō.


He is seen to have short black hair with bangs, parted in the middle. His smile is often cat-like and cute.


Raita is quite playful, as he is said to have played various pranks on his friends, such as pretending to be a ghost during training camp (and consequently getting locked out of the building), splashing water on Sekizan (and consequently receiving a lariat in revenge) or giving Kashima prank toys.

He seems to be light-hearted and mostly positive, although he got into a slightly down mood after watching Ryōin's practice match. Regardless, he quickly went back to being his usual cheerful self when talking to Gion.


Low form and agility[]

As he is small, his lower center of gravity actually helps him sneak past defenders, as evidenced by the tackling game against the forwards on the beach.


He joined his middle school's rugby team because Kashima Kōichirō was the only one invited to join when they were together and he wanted to prove himself to be better. However, he still had some trouble keeping up with the bigger guys, so he had to learn how to use his small size as an advantage. Kashima joined later on.


Kashima Kōichirō[]

Sekizan Takuya[]

Gion Kenji[]


  • Kamo means "congratulations, joy" (賀) (ka) and "lush, luxuriant" (茂) (mo).
  • Raita means "thunder" (雷) (rai) and "thick, big, great" (太) (ta).


  • Loves pranks
  • Went to Junior High with Kashima and both did rugby
  • Based on Hashimoto Takumi (Japanese football player) -quoted by author
  • Favorite quote: "Small people have tons of space." Because he can fit through spaces that Sekizan cannot.
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    From chapter 8 of the manga.