"Thanks to you, I remembered how much fun rugby is. But... There's a lot you don't know about rugby yet." Iwashimizu Sumiaki.

Iwashimizu Sumiaki ( 石清水澄明 ) is a first year at Kanagawa High School. He played rugby in Azuma middle school with Hachiouji Mutsumi and Miyuki Atsushi. Because of an accident involving Miyuki where he made a strong fend off (stiff-arm) that left him with a badly broken right arm and lost the game in the Nationals qualifier, he tried to quit playing rugby and refused Hachiouji's invitation to join the rugby club, but helping Gion with his tackling changed his mind after Gion survived his powerful tackle.

Appearance Edit

Iwashimizu is a very tall young man with yellow eyes and blonde hair. His usual school uniform consists of white shirts with or without black gakuran and black trousers. During matches, he wears the JinKou's red rugby jersey with a black stripe and a white collar, white shorts, and spikes.

Personality Edit

For a 6'3" tall boy, Iwashimizu is very timid and quiet. He'd rather apologize and run if someone insults him, but in contrary, would get very serious if anyone insult his friends. He always needs a bit of a push to play seriously on rugby. He always has a worried expression.

Plot Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Iwashimizu is first seen being harassed by some seniors. When Gion came, the seniors then turned their attention to him, laughing at him because he's so short he couldn't reach his locker without tiptoeing. Gion went berserk at their comment and kicked one of the senior on the face. When they try to pick a fight with him again, Iwashimizu picked him up and run away with him, apologizing on the way out.

After the event, they met with Hachiouji who had been looking for Iwashimizu to ask him to join the rugby club. He asked both of them to go watch the club's evening practices, which Gion agreed to. While watching the practice, Gion asked him things about rugby. Gion then said that rugby sounds fun, even more if he could snatch the ball from people bigger than him. Iwashimizu explained that in rugby, any kind of body type can play the game and there's no ace in rugby. The one that bring the ball is the star. After the practice's over, Hachiouji asked them to try and join the rugby club. Gion said yes, but Iwashimizu declined.

The next day, Gion went to look for Iwashimizu, which by that time had already joining literature club. Gion just went in the club room and dragged him out to the field and looked for a tackle bag in the club's shed, not even listening to what Iwashimizu said. Gion then declare that he'd practice tackle and going to take Iwashimizu down. Before the later started complaining, he run and just throw his body at him, imitating Sekizan's move a bit. Iwashimizu avoided him, and Gion did not take that well. He said that he wouldn't try to run so he wouldn't get hurt. He asked Iwashimizu to tackle him and bringing his past, calling whoever his friend he hurt that time was a weak one. Iwashimizu was mad and telling Gion to not badmouth Miyuki while he run and tackle him. Iwashimizu sent him flying backward, but Gion told him that was fun, despite he himself got hurt for a bit.

Skills Edit

Powerful Fends Edit

Offensively, Iwashimizu is as fast as a Number Eight and have great upper body strength, his powerful shoulder barges and fend offs (stiff arms) can hurt.

One-handed Grabs and Leaping Ability Edit

In terms of differences between the two locks, as a Number-5, he is the closest receiver in a line out, which unlike a Number-4, who is often directly behind him that would hook the ball with his hand to the Scrum Half, his job is to secure the ball to set up a maul, but his big hands meant he can do so with just one hand, but he often chooses to hook the ball to the halfback as well to speed up the game. Since he is not heavy for a lock, he is often taken out by opponents in defensive lineout, or be completely thrown off-guard when opposing hookers aim for the other lock, or throwing it even further back to negate him.

Relationship Edit

Miyuki Atsushi Edit

Iwashimizu initially started playing rugby when Miyuki invited him to join the middle school team. Iwashimizu harbours regret after he broke Miyuki's shoulder in a middle school practice, which made him fearful and unmotivated to play rugby. But they both defend each other from Gion's retorts, but both Gion and Miyuki constantly motivates him to give it his all.

Gion Kenji Edit

Gion thinks Iwashimizu is a coward. He always shouts at him and gives him a nickname "Udo". Despite all of that, they have a fairly good relationship. But in turn, given Gion's fiery temper, Iwashimizu has to pick him up to flee the scene, so they won't get into more trouble. Iwashimizu truly cares about Gion and seems to understand him better than any other team members. Iwashimizu also seems to have a lot of respect and love for Gion as seen in the manga. In chapter 15 of volume 3 Iwashimizu is shown running to find Gion as soon as he heard Gion was no where to be found, this shows his care for Gion.

Trivia Edit

  • He's in class 1-2
  • His jersey number 5 specifically refers to Loosehead Lock position. During a scrum, he is in the second row behind the loosehead prop (1) to the right side of the field.
  • At the end of chapter 38 there is a short comic entitled, "A Morning On A Day Off In The Iwashimizu Household!" Iwashimizu is seen to be lazing which causing him mom to nag at him to go outside. He then gets a phone call from Miyuki in which he answers while sitting up properly. His mother's thoughts are, "Why does he sit so properly when he talks to his friends....?"
    IMG 3023

    From chapter 2 of the manga

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