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Hanadate Mitsuo (花館 充男) is a first-year winger in the Toudou University Sagami Rugby Club. He started playing rugby in middle school, where he crossed paths with the prodigal Miyuki Atsushi whom won against his team in the prefectural semi-finals during their third year.


Build-wise, Hanadate is small and lithe. He has short, dark hair with his fringe dyed a caramel brown, brown eyes and a boyish, heart-shaped face.


Not too much is known about Hanadate yet, but he has been shown to act rather shy at first and as soon as he steps into the rugby field he becomes much more aggressive. He is provocative, following many of his fellow teammates' playing style, but he takes it a step further.


Hanadate Mitsuo as seen in the cover of Volume 4 of the manga.

However, as soon as he feels threatened, Hanadate will show clear signs of weakness and nervousness, getting scared quite easily. Additionally, he rarely seems to listen to what other people say, appearing to be more introspective.

He resents Iwashimizu ever since his middle school team lost to his, arguing their win was only due to the captain, Miyuki. For this reason, he asks his teammates to target Iwashimizu, further evidencing somewhat of his bad personality. However, when Iwashimizu asked Miyuki about it, it turned out that Hanadate's hostility in middle school stemmed from the fact that he was a benchwarmer, which is why he despises starters, the better they are, the more resentful he gets.


Iwashimizu Sumiaki[]

Hanadate and Iwashimizu's middle school rugby teams faced each other at semifinals, where Hana's team lost. He shows resentment for this in the Kanagawa vs Sagami practice match, and provokes Iwashimizu in an attempt to distract him from the game. It was then discovered that it was because Hanadate was a benchwarmer then.

Ebumi Masaru[]

They face each other at the Kanagawa vs Sagami practice match, when Ebumi is switched into the team. Hanadate thinks Ebumi is not too bright at first, but is proven the contrary. This results in Hanadate showing his jumpy side, as he becomes too nervous to play properly.


  • Hanadate means "flower, blossom" (花) (hana) and "mansion, palace, mansion house, small castle" (館) (tate).
  • Mitsuo means "allot, fill, charge" (充) (mitsu) and "male, man" (男) (o).


  • No. 14 specifically refers to the right wing.