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"I couldn't do that kind of dodging and running if you asked me to. I just focus on what I can do and train to handle the ball the best I can as a Hooker. We're doing what each other can't do." Hachiouji Mutsumi.

Hachiouji Mutsumi ( 八王子睦 ) is the vice-captain of the Kanagawa High School Rugby Club. He went to Agatsuma middle school with Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Miyuki Atsushi, and Oku Yuuri, where they played rugby together. He is the mediator of the Jinkou rugby team and very well liked by the members. Gion, Ebumi, Ise, and Sekizan joined the club because of his invitation.

His teammates have affectionately labeled him as the Team Mom.


Hachiouji has short, messy dark brown hair. He is fat and muscular, with fairly toned arms. His cheeks are so chubby that his eyes appear closed. He is almost always smiling.

He wears the regular Jinkou jersey during games and a white jersey during practice. He often wears a plain t-shirt under his school uniform, and he doesn't fully button up his gakuran because the one he currently owns is ill-fitting. His backpack appears to have a Hello Kitty design, which matches his phone case. Sometimes he leaves his belt unbuckled.


Hachiouji is kind-natured, enthusiastic, affectionate, and incredibly emotionally mature. He loves to take care of others and often hosts dinners for his teammates at his home, but he is laid-back and goofy. He can also be quite assertive and does not let up when he sets his mind to something. Hachi believes that individual differences make the team stronger as a unit. This open-mindedness allows him to work well as a mediator when his teammates get into argument.

He allows chaos to go on as long as he finds it amusing. He finds it fun to shake things up and pursue the unexplored, such as when he invited Ebumi and Ise to the rugby club just because he thought it would be fun to play with delinquents.

Hachi is also family-oriented. He is very close with his mom and all of his siblings, but he sometimes gets a bit embarrassed because they don't turn down the clinginess in front of his friends. It can be assumed that his close-knit relationship with his family is the reason he is so full of love. Also, when he was younger, his dream job was to be a stay-at-home dad with 10 kids[1].



Sekizan Takuya[]

Hachiouji is the one who invited Sekizan onto the team because he thought his build was perfect. His attempts were refused many times. Sekizan was going to refuse Hachioji's invitation for the final time until he saw how dedicated Hachiouji was, and the fact he lured him with his favorite dessert -Taiyaki. The rest of the members of the rugby left while Hachiouji was still practicing by himself. Through Hachiouji's dedication Sekizan saw that there was still hope on the rugby team of not all being lazy.

Iwashimizu Sumiaki[]

Hachiouji was teammates with Iwashimizu during their middle school year.

Ise Natsuki[]

Hachiouji is the one who invited Ise on to the team which is why he thinks it is his duty to help out Ise get permission from his brother to go to the Summer Training Camp (chapter 37).

Since Hachiouji goes out of his way to help Ise it can be seen that he holds great respect for Hachiouji. In chapter 38 when they go eat lunch at the coach's house, Ise makes a plate of meat and offers it to Hachiouji stating that it was cooked perfectly.


Strength and Defense[]

Hachiouji is very defensive-minded as a hooker and tries to use his strength to bulldoze defenders.



  • His favorite food is all-meat curry, and his least favorite food is an unidentified ingredient his mom occasionally puts in the curry.
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