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"I couldn't do that kind of dodging and running if you asked me to. I just focus on what I can do and train to handle the ball the best I can as a Hooker. We're doing what each other can't do." Hachiouji Mutsumi.

Hachiouji Mutsumi ( 八王子睦 ) is the vice-captain of the Kanagawa High School Rugby Club. He went to Azuma middle school with Iwashimizu Sumiaki and Miyuki Atsushi, where they played rugby together. He is the rugby club mediator and very well liked by the members. Gion, Ebumi and Sekizan joined the club because of his invitation.


Hachiouji has dark brown hair. His eyes are usually closed. They are only opened when he gets serious, or is taken by surprise. His build is on the chubby slide but nevertheless, he is still fit.


Hachiouji is very kind, laid-back but overly affectionate, especially towards Iwashimizu. He is also very goofy and makes random idiotic comments. The only time he gets serious is with regards to food and grilling, and knowledge about cooking food.



Sekizan Takuya[]

Hachiouji is the one who invited Sekizan onto the team because he thought his build was perfect. His attempts were refused many times. Sekizan was going to refuse Hachioji's invitation for the final time until he saw how dedicated Hachiouji was, and the fact he lured him with his favorite dessert -Taiyaki. The rest of the members of the rugby left while Hachiouji was still practicing by himself. Through Hachiouji's dedication Sekizan saw that there was still hope on the rugby team of not all being lazy.

Iwashimizu Sumiaki[]

Hachiouji was teammates with Iwashimizu during their middle school year.

Ise Natsuki[]

Hachiouji is the one who invited Ise on to the team which is why he thinks it is his duty to help out Ise get permission from his brother to go to the Summer Training Camp (chapter 37).

Since Hachiouji goes out of his way to help Ise it can be seen that he holds great respect for Hachiouji. In chapter 38 when they go eat lunch at the coach's house, Ise makes a plate of meat and offers it to Hachiouji stating that it was cooked perfectly.


Strength and Defense[]

Hachiouji is very defensive-minded as a hooker and tries to use his strength to bulldoze defenders.


  • His chubby cheeks make his eyes look narrower.
  • He is always smiling
  • He is very helpful but can be kind of half-assed about it.
  • His motto is "Its all good as long as it's amusing."
  • It was revealed that his favorite food is all-meat curry in episode 13
  • He has an older sister, younger brother and sister (in the anime he has an older sister, and two younger brothers).

From chapter 3 of the manga