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Oohie Taichi is a third-year prop in the Jinkou rugby club. He alternates being a starter with Shinshi Yutaka every game.


Oohie is fat and a bit shorter than average, especially for a prop. He has short, curly black hair and black down-turned eyes, giving him a soft appearance. He is smiling most of the time, as his expressions mimic Hachiouji's.

He wears the regular Jinkou jersey during games with a number 1 on the back to denote his position. During practice, he wears a black jersey.


Oohie has a kind, gentle demeanor. He is always trying to be helpful, but he is said to have some manipulative tendencies as well. He enjoys stirring the pot among the second years, but not for any serious purposes. It is unknown how much of his surface-level personality is genuine, as he has admitted to copying Hachiouji[1] because of how trustworthy Hachi is. Oohie is much more quiet and laid-back than Hachi, however, which is likely his true nature.

Oohie is very intelligent, having the best grades out of everyone in the club. He enjoys teaching and sometimes tutors his friends.





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