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"You gotta think outside the box." Ōharano Etsugo

Ooharano Etsugo ( 大原野越吾 ) is a first-year stand-off on the Kanagawa High School Rugby Club and the tritagonist of the series. He is Jinkou's most experienced player, having played rugby since he was ten years old.


Ōharano has a slimmer build than the average rugby player, with a thin waist and larger hips, which gives off a fit appearance. He has blonde hair with a couple of long ahoges on top of his head and caramel-coloured eyes.

His expression seems to be rather disdainful, considering he has much more experience than his teammates. He is mostly shown sporting a sarcastic look.


Overall, he seems to be well-aware of his talent but he doesn't overly flaunt it. He is said to be "always a little sarcastic."[1]

He is shown to react furiously and project his discomfort towards his teammates when his brother is mentioned, weakening his team performance.[2]

Though Oharano is a sassy individual, he is also a devoted player.


Game Sense[]

As the most experienced first-year in the team, he orchestrates the offense, and can set up intricate and advanced set plays like dummy passes, and flat skip passes to a second receiver past the player next him or cross-field grubber kicks, where the ball travels forward and bounces along the grass, and drop kicks over three forwards. The trouble is: His skills are far superior to any other backs in the team, who have only played for less than two years.

Graceful Dodging[]

Cross-field kicks[]

Normally a right-footed player, he can make cross-field punts with his left foot, but his left-footed conversions are not as accurate from wide out.

Reverse Kick[]


  • His position, Stand-off in Rugby Union is the same as Fly-half. They are the playmakers of the team.
  • Stand-off half is a term in Rugby League and the same as Five-Eighth. Player who hold this position wear number 6 jersey. A team in rugby league consist of only 13 players.
  • Marking in rugby refers to 'fair catching a deep punt' (inside the 22m line before the endzone), a result is a drop-out return punt, but unlike a normal punt, it cannot go out of bounds, or the opponent will throw in at the line out. Marking cannot be done outside the 22m line. If you called mark, but you let the ball bounce without catching the ball, the ball is still live, and you must ruin and return the ball or kick it away. From a defensive kick, even within your own endzone, you can pin the opponent near midfield without needing the ball to first bounce on the field.
  • Their family dog, Pomekichi, is a male and gets tired very easily.
  • Every since an incident with his brother Tatsu - he's easily provoked into rash decisions. (Ep 7)

    From chapter 6 of the manga

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